Get in shape and have a great time in the tranquility of your home, community, or vacation pool with our water fitness program. Experienced certified instructors will provide customized workouts to meet your individual needs. The classes are taught in waist or chest deep water and involve synchronized moves while you burn calories to your favorite music. Common water exercises include walking or running backward and forward in the pool, jumping jacks, and cross-country skiing motion. Other moves similar to dancing and land aerobics may also be incorporated in the fitness routine. You may choose to utilize special water aerobic equipment, such as water weights and floating belts designed to increase water resistance or to help in flotation and balance.

aerobicsPeople of all ages and fitness levels, including pregnant women can enjoy water workouts. When submerged in chest-deep water, about 85 percent to 90 percent of the body's weight remains supported. As a result, much less stress is placed on the body's joints during aquatic exercise than during similar exercise on land. The buoyancy provided by water will improve your balance, posture and flexibility, so you are less likely to experience aches and soreness following a water workout. This makes water aerobics an ideal choice not only for healthy individuals but also for those affected by medical conditions such as arthritis, neck and back problems, strokes and obesity. Gather your friends and organize a healthy and fun fitness class today!