"Lori McGrath has been teaching my son to swim.  Her teaching methods have enabled Nathaniel to overcome his fear of the water.  She is very professional in how she supervises my son in the water.  She set out with several objectives and accomplished them all.  The most important one being earning his trust and this was established very quickly.  Lori has a natural ability for teaching.  I highly recommend her skill set in teaching children." -Claudia


"Noelle was fantastic!! But we r back in Minnesota now. My kids learned so much from her! From the first day it was evident that she and the kids would get along great and learn a lot. Ur school and Noelle get an A+ from all of us and we wished we lived there so we could continue our lessons with her." -Heidi


"I just wanted to let you know that Shannon came out for our first lesson last night and I was so impressed with her. She was amazing with my son and did a great job. I just wanted to give you feedback since I was very impressed and happy with her." :) Marci


"We recently moved into a home with a pool, and with three small children who couldn't swim, we felt we needed help in keeping them safe. I found Mermaid Swim School through an Internet search and contacted Charlotte. She selected a wonderfully qualified, positive, and experienced teacher to help transform my five and three year old girls into true mermaids. Eight weeks ago they were all afraid to get their faces wet! Miss Mary, our swim instructor, has been patient, fun, encouraging, and highly knowledgeable about how to help our children to become happy and confident swimmers. She listened thoughtfully to our concerns and wishes and helped naturally and playfully guide the kids into a whole new experience of swimming. Now the girls are practicing strokes and diving to the bottom of the pool and our one year old boy is able to hold his breath happily under water and reach for the side of the pool. I have also learned how to practice important survival skills with him on my own, and know he will be keeping up with the girls soon! We adore Miss Mary, and feel our experience with Mermaid Swim School has been invaluable to our family." - Sarah


“This is the best thing I’ve done for my child. Mermaid Swim School gave Evan the personal attention that we couldn’t get in other programs. Before Mermaid Swim School, Evan had such a fear of the water. Now he not only loves the water but is an advanced swimmer. I would recommend Mermaid Swim School to anyone.” - Susan Hill


“We have 3 boys, ages 9mo, 2, & 3. Our family is having such a great experience with our instructor (Garry) that we are extending our lessons. The older boys are already swimming independently (after being terrified of water!) and we haven't even reached our 8th lesson yet. The extended lessons will be mostly finessing more techniques and the boys just having fun! Fabulous experience and we will be doing lessons again with Garry when the baby is older--though even he has learned a lot already.” - Ashley Rhodes-Courter


"I can't even tell you how amazing our experience has been with Samantha Curnutte and Mermaid Swim School. It's been an absolutely amazing experience & she is a perfect fit for my daughter. Cortlyndt is doing great and loves her swim lessons, on a scale of 1-10 I give my experience a 15! I'm so happy I found Mermaid Swim School and for being put with Sam. It's been fabulous!" - Jill Maupin


"Thank you so much for sending us Charlotte. She is an exceptional teacher, and our daughter Mary really bonded with her. She worked so patiently with Mary, and we are so excited to see our daughter swimming like a fish. We will be forever grateful to Charlotte and the Mermaid Swim School. Thank you." - Lori